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Connected to life is a registered NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) with the objective of

.wholehearted giving and contributing to youth with special needs. Our activities target and support several youth groups

.Brain damaged youth who are limited in their mental and physical activities*

.Youth in different stages of the autism spectrum*

Youth who come from broken families or criminal backgrounds and therefore suffer from*

serious behavioral and emotional difficulties. In some cases, they are allowed the

.privilege to choose between prison and rehabilitation schools by court ruling

All these youngsters belong to a special governmental school system through which we act

for their benefit as well as for the benefit of their parents. We adopt the schools in this

 special school system on a permanent basis and plan all our activities with the full

collaboration of the school educational teams. These youth come from different socio-economic

.backgrounds’ ethnic association’ religions and gender

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The numerous activities we organize and promote during the entire year are in various fields:

Connected to special projects:

Integrated activities in which children suffering from serious behavioral difficulties take on the responsibility of accompanying children with Autism Syndrome. Participants with low self-image and without expectations from themselves, discover their own capacities and strengths while supporting children with .serious difficulties, other than their own.

Connected to tradition:
Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah ceremonies at the Western Wall in  Jerusalem, in which they recite the blessing over Torah Portion.

The chief Rabbi of the Kotel conducts this ceremony while the children are welcomed by local regular school pupils who join them for the whole ceremony and by additional youth with similar background from abroad Connected to Music: Music groups for children who sing and play classical Hebrew and

International songs in a recording studio. These groups continue later to record discs .of their music accompanied by artists and their music teachers

Connected to homeland: Four- wheel drive tours that take place on Friday mornings that .follow the historical routes and heritage sites. Each trip includes a picnic, music and dancing Connected to sports: Participation in home games and the training of “Hapoel Tel Aviv" Basketball team.

All these activities are supported, financed and operated by the devoted members of our

organization on a purely voluntary basis. Our budget does not allow the coverage of salaries

or other personal expenses. We appreciate any contribution that can help us expand our

.activities and extend our hand to all those in need of our help

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